Volume 60, Issue 1

Volume : 60
Issue : 1
Authors : Agriculture & Forestry
Abstract : The "Agriculture and Forestry" journal publishes original scientific papers, review papers, short communications on agriculture, veterinary medicine, forestry, biology and other natural sciences. It is the endeavour of the journal to give place to papers of high scientific quality and international interest, authored by all the scientists from the South Eastern European Region, as well as other international scientist in order to stimulate contacts and exchange of knowledge fostering scientific productivity. Manuscripts sent to the editorial board (e-mail address: agricultforest@ac.me) should be prepared in Microsoft Word (Times New Roman font, 11 pt) and submitted in format 17 x 24 cm (File / Page setup / Paper / Width = 17 cm; Height = 24 cm), with single line spacing (Format / Paragraph / Line spacing = Single), 2 cm margins all around (File / Page setup / Margins / Top = 2 cm; Bottom = 2 cm; Left = 2 cm; Right = 2 cm), that is approximately 44 lines per page in this format. All technical details are available in section AUTHORS / Check-list for Authors. Manuscripts are published in English with the Summary in Montenegrin - Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian (or in the language of the author/s at the discretion of the Editor). Papers that have been published elsewhere, in whole or extracts (excerpts) of their important findings, will not be accepted. A manuscript should not exceed 16 pages. Exceptions can be made if the content and quality of the paper justify it (at the discretion of the Editor).
For citation : Agriculture & Forestry (2014): INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS. Agriculture & Forestry, Vol 60. Issue 1: 277-279, Podgorica, 2014
Keywords : instructions to authors, agriculture, veterinary medicine, forestry, biology, natural sciences
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ISSN 0554-5579 (Printed)
ISSN 1800-9492 (Online)
DOI : 10.17707/AgricultForest


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