Volume 60, Issue 1

Volume : 60
Issue : 1
Authors : Houshang NOSRATI
Abstract : The genus Fragaria L. (strawberry, Rosaceae) comprises of 22 species of different ploidy. The ploidy evolution in Fragaria is not clear. The phylogeny of Fragaria was investigated using RAPDs. The ploidy level was estimated from DNA content using flow cytometry. Genetic distance was calculated using Squared-Euclidean Distance, and cluster analysis constructed using Between-Groups Linkage. Four out of ten examined primers produced 68 polymorphic and reproducible bands. The lowest genetic distance (1.7) was found between F. vesca ssp. vesca and F. vesca ssp. vesca f. monophylla, while distances of F. vesca ssp. vesca from F. vesca ssp. californica and F. vesca ssp. americana were 10.3 and 12.3, respectively. This distance between F. vesca ssp. vesca and the diploids F. viridis, F. nubicola, F. daltoniana, F. nipponica and F. nilgerensis ranged from 14.3 to 24.3. The greatest distances between F. vesca ssp. vesca and the octoploids were 39 - 44.3. Cluster analysis grouped the species in two groups: all octoploids in one cluster, and diploids alongside tetraploid and hexaploid in another cluster. The data showed a close relationship between F. orientalis and F. moschata and also among octoploids F. virginiana, F. chiloensis and F. x ananassa, and proposed F. x ananassa as hybrid between F. virginiana, F. chiloensis. This work supports the current taxonomy of octoploid at subspecies level, and disagrees with morphometric and ITS/trn data, and suggests that polyploidy in Fragaria has occurred twice: once resulting in tetraploid and hexaploid in Eurasia and in another event produced the octoploids in America.
For citation : Houshang NOSRATI (2014): PHYLOGENETIC RELATIONSIP AMONG SPECIES OF FRAGARIA BASED ON RAPDS. Agriculture & Forestry, Vol. 60 Issue 1: 191-201, 2014, Podgorica
Keywords : Fragaria, strawberry, phylogenetic relationship, polyploid evolution
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ISSN 0554-5579 (Printed)
ISSN 1800-9492 (Online)
DOI : 10.17707/AgricultForest


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