Year 2022, Volume 68 Issue 4 (15.12.2022)

Year : 2022
Volume : 68
Issue : 4 (15.12.2022)
Authors : Yuriy E. KOLUPAEV, Bohdana E. МАKAOVA, Nataliya I. RYABCHUN, Alexander I. KOKOREV,Tamara V. SAKHNO, Yuriy SAKHNO, Tetiana O. YASTREB, Mykola M. MARENYCH
Abstract : The response of etiolated seedlings of winter rye (Secale cereale), bread (Triticum aestivum) and durum (T. durum) wheats, as well as triticale (× Triticosecale) to the action of hyperthermia in relation to their resistance to oxidative stress was studied. Exposure of seedlings to 45°C for 4 hours led to a significant inhibition of the growth of T. aestivum, while the growth of T. durum and × Triticosecale seedlings was less sensitive to hyperthermia, and S. cereale seedlings showed the greatest resistance to heat stress. In bread wheat seedlings after heating, intensive development of oxidative stress. In durum wheat and triticale, such effects were less pronounced, and in rye, they were almost absent. In rye, triticale, and durum wheat seedlings, peroxidase activity increased under hyperthermia conditions, while in bread wheat, on the contrary, it decreased. In all four studied cereals, in response to the action of high temperature, the content of multifunctional stress metabolite proline increased, however, in rye, its absolute content significantly exceeded that in other species. The content of sugars during hyperthermia increased in S. cereale and T. durum, but did not change in the other two cereals. Triticale and especially rye have a high base content of anthocyanins and its increase in response to high temperature. A conclusion was made about the relationship between the ability of cereal seedlings to maintain growth under the action of hyperthermia and their resistance to oxidative stress, which is mainly due to the accumulation of metabolites with antioxidant activity
For citation : Kolupaev, Y.E., Маkaova, B.E., Ryabchun, N.I., Kokorev, A.I., Sakhno, T.V., Sakhno, Y., Yastreb, T.O., Marenych, M.M. (2022). Adaptation of cereal seedlings to oxidative stress induced by hyperthermia. Agriculture and Forestry, 68 (4): 7-18. doi:10.17707/AgricultForest.68.4.01
Keywords : Secale cereale, Triticum aestivum, T. durum, × Triticosecale, hyperthermia, oxidative stress
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