Year 2022, Volume 68 Issue 3 (30.09.2022)

Year : 2022
Volume : 68
Issue : 3 (30.09.2022)
Authors : Andrej MIKLOSIK, Peter STARCHON, Lucia KOCISOVA, Milos HITKA
Abstract : Furniture design and marketing needs to reflect the increasing anthropometric data of population in industrialised countries. With beds and mattresses, the need to accommodate users with higher than standard weight and height is even more apparent as they directly affect quality of sleep and life. In Slovakia, the weight of approximately 46,000 men with severe obesity is more than 110 kg, however the European standards only assess the strength, durability, and safety beds based on use by persons weighing up to 110 kgs. The aim of the research presented in this article was to determine whether it is possible to find and acquire an appropriate mattress for overweight and/or extra tall Slovak consumers. We examined the product portfolios of 30 mattress retailers in Slovakia to determine if they reflect the needs of the current population and contain suitable products for heavier and taller people. The method of content analysis was used, with data collected, coded, and statistically processed in July 2022. The results revealed that 87% of Slovak retailers offer mattresses for heavier people above 110 kg and 30% of retailers for extra tall consumers. Detailed results reveal the options for people with weights up to 200 kg and evaluate the comfort of finding an appropriate product for such consumers.
Keywords : anthropometric data, furniture marketing, mattress portfolio, mattresses for overweight people, mattresses for extra tall people
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