Year 2022, Volume 68 Issue 2 (30.06.2022)

Year : 2022
Volume : 68
Issue : 2 (30.06.2022)
Authors : Elmouatassime SABRI, Velibor SPALEVIC, Ahmed BOUKDIR, Ismail KARAOUI, Abdessalam OUALLALI, Ronaldo Luiz MINCATO, Paul SESTRAS
Abstract : Dam siltation has become a serious problem in arid and semi-arid countries under climate variability, where soil erosion and siltation represent a major challenge that face the industry of dams. In Morocco the policy of dam construction is one of the main keys in sustainable development, but unlikely, the dam siltation caused by soil erosion still present a big constraint. This study was carried out in the sub-basin of Tillouguite upstream the Bin El Ouidane dam in the High Atlas, in the region of Beni Mellal Khenifra, Morocco. The study aims to estimate the production of erosion material: soil losses, and the real soil losses rate - sediment yield, in Bin El Ouidane dam, using a combination of IntErO model - Intensity of Erosion and Outflow, GIS - Geographic information System and RS - Remote sensing. The study requires data which are collected from meteorological stations, soil data analysis, satellite images and observations during field missions. As a result, the production of erosion material in the Tillouguite sub-basin is estimated at 10,015,354 m³yr-1, the coefficient of the deposit retention is estimated at 0.283, and the real soil losses rate is around 2,838,489 m³yr-1. Given that the specific real soil losses rate is estimated at 910.02 m³km2yr-1, and based on Gavrilovic classification, the sub-basin of Tellouguite is considered with a high potential of soil erosion risk, due to large bare land, and the steep land slope in the sub basin - factors that affect the storage capacity of Bin El Ouidane Dam. All the findings are a measurable indicators that are inviting policy makers to initiate appropriate measures for the protection of land degradation, all in line with the sustainable development policies in Morocco.
For citation : Sabri, E., Spalevic, V., Boukdir, A., Karaoui, I., Ouallali, A., Mincato, R.L., Sestras, P. (2022). Estimation of soil losses and reservoir sedimentation: A case study in Tillouguite Sub-basin (High Atlas-Morocco). Agriculture and Forestry, 68 (2): 207-220. doi:10.17707/AgricultForest.68.2.15
Keywords : Dam siltation, Soil erosion, IntErO Model, Land Use, Soil erosion, GIS, Remote Sensing
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