Year 2022, Volume 68 Issue 1 (31.03.2022)

Year : 2022
Volume : 68
Issue : 1 (31.03.2022)
Authors : Amir GANIC, Munevera BEGIC, Amina FORTO, Marina KRVAVICA
Abstract : Herzegovinian dry smoked goat meat is a traditional cured meat product made of the whole carcass of adult castrated bucks, dry salted and cold smoked. It has been traditionally produced in Herzegovina for centuries, especially in the wider area of the Stolac municipality. This study aimed to determine the quality parameters of Herzegovinian dry smoked goat meat. For the research, the samples were made into eight separate anatomical units (neck, sirloin, leg, loin, flank, breast, shoulder, hindshank), on which the tests were performed. Sensory, physical and chemical tests were performed on the examined samples. Also, to monitor changes in fats, its hydrolytic and oxidative changes (acid and peroxide number, TBARS value) were determined. The sensory evaluation determined that the examined samples were characterized by a "pleasant" aroma. Chemical tests revealed significant differences in the values of the examined parameters between samples from different anatomical regions. The least hydrolytic and oxidative changes were found in the breast samples which had the highest fat content. PCA analysis revealed a positive correlation between moisture content and pH value, as well as a negative correlation of these parameters with fat content. Furthermore, a significant positive correlation was found between NaCl content, ash, peroxide number, and TBARS values. Fat content was characteristic in the breast samples, moisture in the shoulder samples, protein in the hindshank samples, while NaCl and ash content were characteristic in the neck samples.
For citation : Ganic, A., Begic, M., Forto, A., Krvavica, M. (2022): Determination of quality parameters of Herzegovinian dry smoked goat meat. Agriculture and Forestry, 68 (1): 115-130. doi:10.17707/AgricultForest.68.1.06
Keywords : quality, traditional product, sensory and physical attributes, Herzegovina, chemical parameters
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