Year 2021, Volume 67 Issue 4 (15.12.2021)

Year : 2021
Volume : 67
Issue : 4 (15.12.2021)
Authors : Hanna HULIAIEVA, Lidiia PASICHNYK, Irina TOKOVENKO, Antonina KALINICHENKO, Volodymyr PATYKA, Mykhailo BOHDAN, Mykola PATYKA, Viktor MAKSIN
Abstract : In field experiments, increase the quantum efficiency of PSII (Fv/Fp), the Rfd-values (the chlorophyll fluorescence vitality indices) and the content of photosynthetic pigments in wheat leaves at pretreatment of wheat seeds with solutions of citrate nanoparticles has been shown. The green weight of plants at bacterial and phytoplasmas infecting at pretreatment with solutions of citrate nanoparticles, was increase, than without pre-treatment, in order: GeNPs>I-Se>SeNPs>VNPs as it has been shown. The Fv/Fp-values in leaves infected with phytoplasmas of plants at pretreatment of VNPs or I-Se solutions were more, than without pretreatment. The Fv/Fp-value in leafs with bacterial infecting at pretreatment of GeNPs with compared to infected plants without pretreatment was increased has been shown. The Rfd-value in leaves at pre-sowing treatment of GeNPs or I-Se and bacterial infecting compared to infected plants without the pr-treatment was more has been shown. This value at infected plants with phytoplasmas at pretreatment of GeNPs or VNPs, compared to infected plants without pretreatment, was increased. In greenhouse experiments, Fv/Fp-values of plants leaves infected of phytoplasmas, bacteria and wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV) at pre-treatment of solutions of citrate nanoparticles compared to infected plants without pretreatment has been increased. The pretreatment with nanoparticles GeNPs caused grain production by 15.6% increased has been shown. The weight grains/10 in plants on variant with pretreatment with Ge nanoparticles (with consortium of soil microorganism) and bacterial infecting were more, than without pretreatment has been shown. The weight grains/10 in plants on variant at pre-treatment of plants of nanoparticles solution and infected with phytoplasmas compared to infected plants without the pre-treatment increased in order: GeNPs>I-Se>VNPs>SeNPs.
For citation : Huliaieva, H., Pasichnyk L., Tokovenko, I., Kalinichenko, A., Patyka1, V., Bohdan, M., Patyka, M., Maksin, V. (2021): Influence of citrate nanoparticles on photochemical activity, resistance to pathogens and productivity of wheat. Agriculture and Forestry, 67 (4): 15-33. doi:10.17707/AgricultForest.67.4.02
Keywords : Wheat, bacteriosis, phytoplasmas, WSMV, nanoparticles.
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