Year 2021, Volume 67 Issue 3 (30.09.2021)

Year : 2021
Volume : 67
Issue : 3 (30.09.2021)
Authors : Milutin MISIMOVIC, Nada ZAVIŠIC, Mirjana ŽABIC, Zoran MALICEVIC
Abstract : The aim of this study was to examine the influence of nettle, dandelion and alfalfa infusions on the content of soluble dry matter and the dry matter yield of organically grown blackberry fruit. The fermentation period during the preparation of plant infusions was 14 and 21 days. First treatment with plant infusions was performed in mid-May, followed by treatments every 10 to 15 days. The treatments were conducted until the appearance of the first ripe blackberry fruits. The soil on which the blackberry plantation was established was analyzed, as well as the chemical composition of plant infusions, the content of soluble dry matter and the dry matter yield of blackberry fruit. The soil was slightly alkaline. The contents of heavy metals lead and cadmium in soil were below the limit allowed for the soil intended for organic production. After 14 and 21 days of fermentation, the pH value and the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the infusions was determined. The pH value of the nettle infusion was mildly acidic, while of dandelion and alfalfa infusions it was acidic. The highest content of soluble dry matter in ripe blackberry fruits was found in the treatment with dandelion infusion fermented for 21 days (9.51%), and the lowest in the treatment with 21 days fermented alfalfa infusion (8.80%). Statistically highly significant difference in the content of soluble dry matter was found in blackberry fruits treated with alfalfa infusions fermented for 14 days (F-14) and 21 days (F-21). The dry matter yields of blackberry fruits per unit area in treatment with F-14 nettle and dandelion infusions were higher than when treated with F-21 infusions. The opposite was obtained with the alfalfa infusion treatment, i.e., higher yield of fruit dry matter was achieved with F-21 treatment. The highest dry matter yield was obtained with the application of alfalfa F-21 infusion and amounted to 1 327.4 kg ha-1. Statistically highly significant differences in the dry matter yield of blackberry fruits were found between the control treatment and treatments with the F-14 and F-21 alfalfa infusions.
For citation : Misimovic, M., Zavišic, N., Žabic, M., Malicevic, Z. (2021): Influence of foliar fermented plant infusions on organically grown blackberry. Agriculture and Forestry, 67(3): 109-119
Keywords : blackberry, organic production, plant infusions, dry matter yield
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