Year 2021, Volume 67 Issue 1 (31.03.2021)

Year : 2021
Volume : 67
Issue : 1 (31.03.2021)
Authors : Zeljko SPALEVIC, Zaklina SPALEVIC, Petar SPALEVIC and Velibor SPALEVIC
Abstract : In this paper we presented the results of a study on sensory-bio-chemical checks in facilities on the territory of Montenegro visited, regardless of the reason, by national states persons and foreign states persons during their visits to Montenegro. The checks concern the total number of checks, results of compliance, structure of the premises and relations within the checks. The checks were carried out by specialized police officers, officers of inspectorates and national laboratories. We analysed 965 checks over 11 years, with 551 checks showing compliance with the requirements or 57.1% and 414 checks showing non-compliance with the requirements or 42.9%. Detection of non-compliant swabs and samples using scientific and technological analyses prevented poisoning of states persons. Most of the checks were carried out in hotel-tourism facilities, then in residential-type facilities and the lowest number of checks was carried out in other facilities. The total number of checks rose by 6.11% on average per annum, on the basis of which a forecast of checks by 2022 was given. Based on results of the study, proposals are given in the conclusion, aimed at further improvement of work of the police and other authorities. There is also a need for modernization of capacities in terms of human resources and technical equipment and for continuous monitoring of hazards in the field of sensory-biological-chemical protection with a view to preventing possible threats for state persons
For citation : Spalevic, Z., Spalevic, Z., Spalevic, P. and Spalevic, V. (2021): Sensory-Biological-Chemical Protection of States Persons in Montenegro. Agriculture and Forestry, 67 (1): 47-62
Keywords : Protection; states person; safety; checks; food; Montenegro
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