Year 2020, Volume 66 Issue 4 (15.12.2020)

Year : 2020
Volume : 66
Issue : 4 (15.12.2020)
Authors : Jelena NIKITOVIC, Milivoje UROSEVIC, Darko DROBNJAK, Bogoljub NOVAKOVIC, Tatjana KRAJISNIK, Sanda STANIVUKOVIC, Marina ANTIC, Husein VILIC
Abstract : Bosnian broken-haired hound called Barak is the only broken-haired breed from the Balkans recognized by FCI, standard Nº155 from 1973. The standard describes the hair of the Barak as long, hard, shaggy, tousled, with a dense undercoat. The basic colours of the hair is wheaten yellow, reddish yellow, earthy gray and dark gray. The colour can be combined in bicolour and tricolour. The standard does not define the length of the hair. The Austrian Frank B. Laska (1905) conducted the first zootechnical examination on hounds from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and classified them by the type of hair. Since 1905, the population of this breed in Bosnia and Herzegovina has not been the subject of research, its hair accordingly. The aim of this paper was to collect samples and analize the texture and quality of hair cover of Bosnian broken-haired hound – Barak The study involved 30 dogs, including 22 males and 8 females, from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The average length of hair was 7.03 cm for males and 6.67 cm for females, with large variation interval. Based on the results of covercoat hair, it can be concluded that this dog has coarse and hard hair, which completely justifies the very name of this breed (broken-haired). The results from this research can be used for further detailed description of this breed
For citation : Nikitović, J., Urošević, M., Drobnjak, D., Novaković, B., Krajišnik, T., Stanivuković, S., Antić, M., Vilić, H. (2020): Analysis of the hair texture of the Bosnian broken-haired hound – Barak. Agriculture and Forestry, 66 (4): 163-169
Keywords : Barak, hair texture, hound
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