Year 2020, Volume 66 Issue 3 (30.09.2020)

Year : 2020
Volume : 66
Issue : 3 (30.09.2020)
Authors : Midheta BAŠIĆ, Lejla BEGANOVIĆ, Jasna HUREMOVIĆ, Sabina ŽERO
Abstract : Nuts have received increased public attention in recent years as important sources of essential elements. Information on the levels of elements in edible nuts is useful to consumers. Content of metals was analysed in various types of nuts from Sarajevo markets, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The samples included almond, walnuts, Brazil walnuts, Indian walnuts, Macadamia, hazelnuts and pistachios. Metals cadmium, chromium, iron, manganese, lead and zinc (Cd, Cr, Fe, Mn, Pb and Zn) were determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS). Moreover, estimated daily intake of all analysed metals and carcinogenic risk over a lifetime exposure to Pb has been calculated. The metal levels in nuts ranged as follows: 1.53-6.95 mgCd/kg, 1.97-7.92 mgCr/kg, 32.03-97.70 mgFe/kg, 6.48-30.58 mgMn/kg, 0.42-1.38 mgPb/kg, 31.30-50.23 mgZn/kg. By concentrations in nuts, in most cases, the metals were arranged as the following diminishing series: Fe > Pb > Zn >Mn > Cr > Cd. Estimated daily intakes for Cd, Cr, Fe, Mn, Pb and Zn were calculated and varied from 0.0002 mg/kg/day for Pb to 0.0489 mg/kg/day for Fe. Carcinogenic risk for Pb was lower than 10−6 indicating the risk of cancer due to exposure to Pb through nuts consumption is in an acceptable range. The results provide important information on the nutritional values of nut samples at the Sarajevo market. In most cases, the content of metal was in accordance with the contents given in the previously published papers.
For citation : Bašić, M., Beganović, L., Huremović, J., Žero, S. (2020): Assessment of metals and their estimated daily intakes in various nuts. Agriculture and Forestry, 66 (3): 211-219
Keywords : Nuts, Metals, Contamination, Daily Intake, Carcinogenic Risk
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