Year 2020, Volume 66 Issue 2 (30.06.2020)

Year : 2020
Volume : 66
Issue : 2 (30.06.2020)
Authors : Hazal Merve BALLI, Cumali ÖZASLAN
Abstract : Lentil is usually cultivated under rainfed conditions in various geographic regions of the globe. Thus, lentil productivity is constrained by various biotic and abiotic factors. Weeds are one of the biotic factors negatively influencing the productivity and profitability of the crop. Lentil is intensively cultivated in southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey under rainfed conditions. Weeds have been identified as one of the major challenges to lentil productivity in the region. Therefore, development of suitable management strategies is inevitable in the region. The development of effective weed management strategies relies on the basic knowledge of weed species/weed inventories. The current study was conducted to determine the weed flora in lentil production areas of Diyarbakır province situated in southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey. A total 55 fields were surveyed and data relating to weed species, their densities and frequency of occurrence were recorded. A total 89 weed species and 78 taxa belonging to 28 plant families (2 parasitic, 7 monocotyledonous and 19 dicotyledonous) were recorded form the province. The overall weed species’ density in the province was 35 weeds m-2. The weed species having the highest density in the province were; Sinapis arvensis L. (7.38 plants/m2), Avena sterilis L. (6.55 plants/m2), Ranunculus arvensis L. (3.49 plants/m2), Papaver sp. (2.78 plants/m2), Anthemis chia L. (2.11 plants/m2), Vaccaria pyramidata Medik. (1.72 plants/m2), Galium spp. (1.43 plants/m2) and Vicia sativa L. (1.19 plants/m2). Similarly, the weed species having the highest frequency of occurrence were; Sinapis arvensis L. (87.96%), Vaccaria pyramidata Medik. (87.22%), Papaver sp. (84.38%), Vicia sativa (77.02%), Ranunculus arvensis (68.11%), Avena sterilis L. (67%), Cephalaria syriaca (L.) Schrad (61.93%), Silene conica L. (53.59%) and Anthemis sp. (52.60%). The current study has improved our understanding on the weed flora of lentil fields in Diyarbakır province of the country. The data generated through this study could be used to devise suitable weed management strategies for lentil in the province.
For citation : Balli, M. H., Özaslan, C. (2020): Weed flora of lentil in Diyarbakir province, Turkey. Agriculture and Forestry, 66 (2): 179-190
Keywords : Weed flora, Lentil, Diyarbakır, Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey
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