Year 2020, Volume 66 Issue 1 (31.03.2020)

Year : 2020
Volume : 66
Issue : 1 (31.03.2020)
Authors : Fatgzim LATIFI, Fadil MUSA, Ahmet MUSA
Abstract : The aim of this study was to determine the concentrations of heavy metals (Cu, Fe, Zn, Pb, and Cd) in the soil and earthworm body (Lumbricus terrestris), as well to estimate Bioaccumulation Factor (BAF) in earthworm body. The soil and earthworm samples were taken three times, from March to June 2018, in six different locations in Kosovo (Mitrovicë, Kishnicë, Kastriot, Barilevë, Drenas and Lipjan) and were brought to the laboratory for heavy metal analysis. Concentrations of heavy metals in soil and earthworm samples were determined by an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) Perkin-Elmer brand model 1100 (Boston, MA, USA). Mean heavy metal concentration in soils were, 0.03-0.78mg/kg, 70.62-264.29mg/kg, 18.96-82.24mg/kg, 0.11-0.52 and 0.03-0.42mg/kg for Cu, Fe, Zn, Pb, and Cd respectively. The mean concentration range recorded in earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris) were 0.02-0.42mg/kg for Cu, 53.11-205.31mg/kg for Fe, 15.74-53.15mg/kg for Zn, 0.07-0.43mg/kg for Pb, and 0.01-0.37mg/kg for Cd. Based on the results obtained it was shown that there are statistically significant differences of different levels of significance regarding the content of heavy metals according to locality (Factor A), substrate (Factor B), heavy metal (Factor C) and factor interactions (A*B), (A*C), (B*C), and (A*B*C). The accumulation of heavy metals in earthworm samples maintains the same profile as mean heavy metal concentration of the soil Fe>Zn>Pb>Cu>Cd. Since some organisms like reptiles, birds and some other vertebrates feed on earthworms, transfer of these metals across the food chain is most likely, and therefore this research will be useful for risk assessment by relevant institutions responsible for the monitoring and surveying of environmental pollution and food security and safety in Kosovo
For citation : Latifi, F., Musa, F., Musa, A. (2020): Heavy metal content in soil and their bioaccumulation in earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris L.). Agriculture and Forestry, 66 (1): 57-67
Keywords : heavy metals, bioaccumulation factor, earthworms,ANOVA
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