Year 2019, Volume 65 Issue 3 (30.09.2019)

Year : 2019
Volume : 65
Issue : 3 (30.09.2019)
Authors : Hasan PARSIPOUR, Svetislav G. POPOVIĆ, Morteza BEHZADFAR, Goran SKATARIC, Velibor SPALEVIC
Abstract : Sustainable development looking to reduce threats and harmful effects of economic, social and followed proper development patterns and preservation from lands in periphery cities. Urbanization in developing countries in comparison with developed countries accelerating the process has been increasingly and this problem caused to the physical expansion without any program in cities, leads to impose the harmful effects on the natural environment and agricultural lands in periphery cities. In Iran that share urban and rural population between 1941 to 2016 is contrary from 31.5 per cent to 74 percent have physical changes such as expansion of cities and merged or dissolve villages in cities space and swallowing agricultural lands and gardens in periphery cities. Bojnurd city in North Khorasan province with 2,584 hectares moved toward dissipated growth pattern with modernism paradigm and with accepting urban sprawl pattern swelled of peripheral lands and this issue increased in recent years. Four villages include Halghehsang, Malkesh, Yengeghalee and Bagherkhan 3 were added to the city services margin from 2009. Results shows decreasing in gross urban density from 153.6 to 65.3 per cent in the period from 1941 to 2016. This issue caused that sprawl growth pattern in this city swallowing lands. These lands mainly are agricultural lands and gardens. Reviews on city creep phenomenon in Bojnurd with urban sprawl development pattern shows that this pattern will continue due to promotion of Bojnurd city to the capital of North Khorasan province and acceptance of new superior role and capacity of new regional investment and job creation in the upcoming decades. The other villages like Yngehghalee, Bagherkhan3 will swallow the peri-city lands and the productive role of these villages will changed to services. Therefore, sustainable development and preservation of lands surrounding the city should change sprawl urban pattern in Bojnurd city and replaced by a pattern of smart growth that forms the ideal city is a compact city that will search development at within the city.
For citation : Parsipour, H., Popovic, S., Behzadfar, M., Skataric, G., Spalevic, V. (2019): Cities expansion and land use changes of agricultural and garden lands in peri-urban villages (case study: Bojnurd). Agriculture and Forestry, 65(3): 173-187
Keywords : Agricultural lands, Garden, land use change, Peri-urban villages, Sprawl development, Bojnurd
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