Year 2018, Volume 64, Issue 1

Year : 2018
Volume : 64
Issue : 1
Authors : Igor ĐURĐIĆ, Vladeta STEVOVIĆ, Vesna MILIĆ, Tanja JAKIŠIĆ, Branka GOVEDARICA, Milan JUGOVIĆ, Siniša BERJAN
Abstract : Since the production area of forage peas is begin to increase, the experiment was set up at two localities, Banja Luka and East Sarajevo. For experiment was used five domestic varieties Saša and NS Junior from Serbia. The experiment was carried out with three types of fertilization (without the use of mineral fertilizers, basic fertilization with NPK and basic fertilization by NPK + nitrogen addition). The variety Saša had the highest yield of green mass and hay. The application of basic fertilization had the influence on tested parameters, while the application of basic fertilizer in combination with topdressing had poorer results. Agro-ecological conditions had the influence on yield of hay, so greater results are achieved on experimental field East Sarajevo.
For citation : Đurđić, I., Stevović, V., Milić, V., Jakišić, T., Govedarica, B., Jugović, M., Berjan, S. (2018): Forage pea yield in different agroecological conditions. Agriculture and Forestry, 64 (1): 171-176. DOI:10.17707/AgricultForest.64.1.19
Keywords : Forage peas, yield, hay, green mass, variety
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ISSN 0554-5579 (Printed)
ISSN 1800-9492 (Online)
DOI : 10.17707/AgricultForest


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