Year 2017, Volume 63 Issue 4 (15.12.2017)

Year : 2017
Volume : 63
Issue : 4 (15.12.2017)
Authors : Svetlana SHEVCHENKO
Abstract : The problem of conservation of a biological diversity of the biosphere, including its plant component, is currently very relevant and this is especially important for rare and endangered species of plants. Such rare species, which have to be protected, grow in the Crimea are Arbutus andrachne L. (Ericaceae), Pistacia mutica Fisch et Mey. (Anacardiaceae), Campanula talievii Juz.(Campanulaceae), Fumana thymifolia (L.) Spachet Webb (Cistaceae) and Glaucium flavum Crantz. (Papaveraceae). As the result of the study of a reproductive biology of these species, the types of formation of their generative structures, especially antekology, seed formation and dissemination have been obtained. It is shown that the main limiting factors for an optimal development of the studied species in the conditions of a natural growth are the meteorological factors in critical phase of formation of generative structures, damage caused by large animals as well as an anthropogenic impact (plowing land, construction, industrial pollution, decoration flowers, etc.). However, conservation of the species for the most part provide: stability of formation of viable male and female generative structures; successful processes of pollination and fertilization as the results of a paired development of elements of a flower, structure of insect-pollinator and pollination mechanisms; features of a seed formation and dissemination. An autogamy and vegetative propagation can be considered as reserve means, contributing to the preservation of these species. Thus, the observed variety of tools for effective processes of reproduction of the studied species of plants indicate the potential and reliability of their systems for reproduction and resettlement, and identification of the causes of the decreasing numbers allow us to develop scientifically based methods and optimize the resumption of types (nature reserves, introduction to culture, repatriation, etc.).
For citation : Shevchenko S. (2017): Reproduction and propagation of some rare species of the Crimean flora. Agriculture and Forestry, 63 (4): 101-106. DOI:10.17707/AgricultForest.63.4.11
Keywords : Rare species of plants, generative structures, antecology, seeds formation, dissemination
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