Year 2017, Volume 63, Issue 1

Year : 2017
Volume : 63
Issue : 1
Authors : Svetlana SHEVCHENKO, Valentina GORINA, Irina MITROFANOVA
Abstract : Apricot is one of the leading temperate zone fruit-bearing crops and obtaining of its new cultivars with the highest economically-valuable features is an actual problem. The most effective method of new cultivars breeding is the hybridization. Considering the modern ecological situation, it is extremely important to create virus-free forms with high adaptive potential. During the monitoring of the viral diseases spread within apricot collection plots of Nikita Botanical Gardens – National Scientific Center (NBG-NSC)the analysis of mature pollen of 11 apricot cultivars was investigated. It was found out that studied cultivars are characterized by resistance to pathogens and affection by viruses. Two cultivars of NBG-NSC breeding (Krymsky Amur and Krymsky Medunec) and two introduced cultivars (Harcot and Markuleshti) demonstrated the difference to specified parameters. For example, the cultivar Krymsky Medunec is resistant to viral pathogens; its mature pollen has a large percentage of morphologically normal pollen grains characterized by high germination (up to 90% and 32%, respectively). At the same time, cultivars Markuleshti and Harcot are strongly affected by Plum pox virus; their ripe pollen is morphologically normal, but low vital capacity level.. On 15% sucrose solution pollen grains of cultivar Harcot did not germinate, and cultivar Markuleshti had only 1% of germinating pollen grains. It should be noticed that complex application of biotechnological methods (chemotherapy and meristem culture), further using and propagation of virus-free explants in vitro let us get healthy plant material. Thus, the results suggest the potential for creating new perspective cultivars of apricot with preset characteristics for further breeding.
For citation : Shevchenko S., Gorina V., Mitrofanova I., (2017) The influence of viral status on pollen characteristics of some apricot cultivars, Agriculture and Forestry, 63 (1): 87-93. DOI: 10.17707/AgricultForest.63.1.10
Keywords : apricot, cultivar, generative sphere, pollen grains, in vitro
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ISSN 0554-5579 (Printed)
ISSN 1800-9492 (Online)
DOI : 10.17707/AgricultForest


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