Year 2016, Volume 62, Issue 3

Year : 2016
Volume : 62
Issue : 3
Authors : Virginia SARROPOULOU, Kortessa DIMASSI-THERIOU, Ioannis THERIOS
Abstract : The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of two strength media in inorganics (full and half), two sucrose levels (15 and 30 g/l) and four mannitol concentrations (0, 5, 10, 20 g/l) in combination with 1 mg/l indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) on the morphogenic and biochemical responses in CAB-6P and Gisela 6 cherry rootstocks. In CAB-6P, root number (7.4) and rooting percentage (83.33%) were maximum in half MS medium supplemented with 5 g/l mannitol and 15 g/l sucrose. Root length was greatest (40.6 mm) with 10 g/l mannitol and 30 g/l sucrose in full MS medium. In Gisela 6, in full MS medium, 20 g/l mannitol + 15 g/l sucrose exhibited the maximum root number (6.88), while 10 g/l mannitol + 30 g/l sucrose gave the greatest root length (50.3 mm). Rooting percentage was highest (92.31%) in half MS + 15 g/l sucrose (mannitol-free) and in 10 g/l mannitol + 15 g/l sucrose (full MS) combination treatments. In CAB-6P, mannitol led to depleted chlorophyll, carotenoid and porphyrin levels in half MS medium for both sucrose levels. Mannitol resulted in elevated leaf and root carbohydrate as well as proline levels irrespective sucrose level and medium strength. In Gisela 6, mannitol + 15 g/l sucrose decreased carotenoid content (full MS) and increased leaf proline content (half MS). In roots, 10 g/l mannitol raised proline (full MS) and carbohydrate content (half MS) in both sucrose levels. Leaf carbohydrate content was higher in half MS medium supplemented with 30 g/l sucrose. In both rootstocks, higher chlorophyll levels were recorded in half MS medium supplemented with 15 g/l sucrose compared to the full MS one or with 30 g/l sucrose. In full MS medium, increase of sucrose concentration led to depleted proline levels in Gisela 6 leaves and CAB-6P roots indicating activation of osmoregulation and osmotic adjustment mechanisms located in leaves for Gisela 6 and in roots for CAB-6P. An efficient root regeneration protocol and biochemical status evaluation of micropropagated cherry rootstocks shoot tips under the combined influence of different strength media, sucrose and mannitol concentrations was established.
For citation : Sarropoulou, V., Dimassi-Theriou, K. , Therios, I. (2016): Mineral strength, sucrose level and mannitol concentration effects on cherry rootstocks micropropagation. Agriculture and Forestry, 62 (3): 07-25. DOI:10.17707/AgricultForest.62.3.01
Keywords : carbohydrates, in vitro rooting, mannitol, mineral salt composition, photosynthetic pigments, proline.
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DOI : 10.17707/AgricultForest


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