Year 2016, Volume 62, Issue 1

Year : 2016
Volume : 62
Issue : 1
Authors : Sergey V. GONCHAROV
Abstract : Winter wheat is cultivated at 13.1 ha in Russia. Volume of the domestic seed market is estimated at $2 bln, while the share of commercial seeds is $1 bln. The highest yields (about 5 tons per ha) are harvested by farmers of Southern region. Production risks are much higher in Central part, and Middle Volga. There are 292 winter wheat varieties listed in the National Register in 2015; 98% of them are local ones. Krasnodar Institute is on the top of winter wheat breeder’s rating list, out of about 50 domestic breeders. SWOT analysis of national breeding programs showed, their strengths are reach gene pool, and traditional selection methods. Institution network in range of zones, varieties adaptation especially in low-, and average income segments;, intellectual property IP rights similarity to European ones, and others are also strengths. Weaknesses are old infrastructure and equipment's; limited access to modern technologies; autocratic management; poor breeders motivation etc. Opportunities are possible collaboration development; trailing in different climate zones; seed market potential growth, etc. Realty as subject of raiders attacks; agricultural policy unpredictability; “dyeing” some breeding programs due to cost; erosion of genetic resources; mutual sanctions; availability of know-how and hi-tech in breeding are threats. Full life cycle of variety lasts from 26 to 30 years. Royalty market of winter wheat certified seeds are assessed as $3.4 m
For citation : Goncharov, S. (2016): Cereals breeding & seed business in Russia: Current development and prospects. Agriculture and Forestry, 62(1): 99-107. DOI: 10.17707/AgricultForest.62.1.12
Keywords : breeding programs, winter wheat, seed market, variety life circle, royalty rate.
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ISSN 0554-5579 (Printed)
ISSN 1800-9492 (Online)
DOI : 10.17707/AgricultForest


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