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Authors : Spalevic et al
Title : River basins
Abstract : Program "River Basins". Many authors have done studies on the erosion process, using classical quantitative and qualitative methods in the research of the intensity of this process. They have applied numerous mathematical models, which helped in obtaining data on runoff in certain river basins as well as data concerning ground loss in these basins. Therefore, a new idea was developed in order to obtain precise and accurate results in a simple and quick way, using the same mathematical models. It became clear that the application of computer and graphic methods could secure above-mentioned requirements in terms of speed and accuracy. Program "Program Basins" is based on a dynamic table, which express runoff and intensity of soil erosion by Erosion Potential Method (EPM) of the Professor Gavrilovic. This is one of the examples for using of computer-graphic methods with the subject of soil erosion. This method provides efficient work, speed and precision in calculation of sediment yield and runoff.
For citation : Spalevic, V., Dlabac, A., Spalevic, B., Fustic, B., Popovic, V. (2000): Application of Computer - Graphic Methods in the research of Runoff and Intensity of Soil Erosion – I program "River Basins". Agriculture and Forestry, 46(1-2): 19-36
Keywords : river basin, erosion, intensity, outflow, computer-graphic methods
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