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Authors : Velibor Spalevic
Title : "IntErO" software
Abstract : There are many mathematical models for calculation of the quantity of sediment. One of these is the analytical model of Prof. Gavrilovic for determining the intensity of erosion and outflow for a natural river basin. Software package "IntErO" (Intensity of Erossion and Outflow) incorporated and upgraded the first program generation "River basins" (Spalevic, V et al 2000.) and "Surface and distance measuring" (Spalevic V. et al, 1999). The software was created in the program language Borland Delphi and it works with the Windows operating systems. For user interface and reports, choosing between Serbian and English language is possible.
For citation : "IntErO" software / Spalevic, V. (2011): Impact of land use on runoff and soil erosion in Polimlje. Doctoral thesis. Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Belgrade, Serbia.
Keywords : Watershed, soil erosion, runoff, IntErO model
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