Volume 63, Issue 2 (30.06.2017)

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  2. Gordan S. KARAMAN - New data of the subterranean species Niphargus rhodi S. Karaman, 1950 (fam. Niphargidae) In Rhodos island, Greece (contribution to the knowledge of the Amphipoda 296)
  3. Filomena ROCHA, Carlos GASPAR, Ana Maria BARATA - The legacy of collecting missions to the valorisation of agro-biodiversity
  4. Alexandru-Claudiu DOBRE, Cristian ANGHELUS, Gabriel NEDEA, Diana SILAGHI, Serban CHIVULESCU - The correlation between DBH and the height of some flood plain stands from natural park „Lunca muresului''
  5. Houshang NOSRATI, Saidmansor MIRTAJEDDINI, Mahmoudreza JAHANSHAHI, Ahmad Razban HAGHIGHI - Phytosociologial study of Rabor region, Kerman, Iran
  6. Danielle de Moraes LUCIO, Sebastiao Gilton DANTAS, Jessica Ritchele Moura dos SANTOS, Sidney Carlos PRAXEDES - Differences in water deficit adaptation during early growth of Brazilian dry forest Caatinga trees
  7. Dejan KLICKOVIC, Aleksandar OSTOJIC, Zeljko VASKO, Borut BOSANCIC - Analysis of attitudes of honey consumers in the municipality of Novi Grad (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  8. Zeljko LAKIC, Ljubisa ZIVANOVIC, Slobodan POPOVIC - Productivity of spring forage pea (Pisum sativum) in divergent agroecological conditions
  9. Zuhal OZKAN, Levent UNLU, Ekrem OGUR - Monitoring the population development and the infestation density of tomato moth (Tuta absoluta Meyrick)
  10. Keyvan FOTOUHI, Eslam MAJIDI HERAVAN, Abazar RAJABI, Reza AZIZINEJAD - Screening sugar beet genotypes in drought stress condition using tolerance indices
  11. Jelena ZUGIC, Mladen PERAZIC and Aleksandar KONATAR - Impact of export plant products in branding of the country
  12. Lahouaria Mounia MANSOURI, Abdenour KHELOUFI - Effect of diluted seawater on seed germination and seedling growth of three leguminous crops (pea, chickpea and common bean)
  13. Sladjana VICENTIC, Branko KANJEVAC, Jovana PETROVIC, Milun KRSTIC, Violeta BABIC and Nenad STAVRETOVIC - Analysis of dendroflora on the green areas of some kindergartens in Belgrade (Serbia)
  14. Danilo MRDAK, Dragana MILOSEVIC - Length-weight relationship of nine fish species from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  15. Mykola NAZARENKO, Yuri LYKHOLAT, Ivan GRIGORYUK, Katerina ANDRUSEVYCH - Mutagen depression after recurrent chemical mutagen action at first winter wheat generation
  16. Witness MOJEREMANE, Thembinkosi MATHOWA, Demel TEKETAY, Tebogo STIMELA, Ishmael KOPONG, Melusi RAMPART - Presowing seed treatment methods to overcome dormancy in seeds of Vachellia rehmanniana Schinz
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