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 Svetislav, G.




 Dean of the Faculty of Architecture


 Faculty of Architecture, University of Montenegro



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 Dzordza Vasingtona

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Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in 1980 .In the same academic institution ends master's and doctoral studies where receives the title of Doctor of Science in urbanzma and architecture.After graduating, he worked in the following institutions: '' OGP 'General construction company Titograd, Titograd, 1981; Republic Institute for Urban Planning and Design, Titograd, (1981-1989), the task of the designer responsible for the architecture and urban planning, as well as the director of Bureau AU-I .; R. O. Spatial planning and design '' Center '', Titograd, later 'Arcus project' '(1989-1991), as a technical director; '' Arcada Engineering '', Belgrade, 1991 as the leading chief designer; '' Moca-Commerce Project Engineering '', Podgorica, (1992-1994), a leading chief designer; Project Engineering,, '', Podgorica, (1994-1998), director; '' The Republic Institute for Urban Planning and Design '' ad Podgorica, CEO (1998-2002). Since 2004 he has been working on the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Department in Podgorica, and since 2006 at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Montenegro Membership of Professional Associations: Secretary of the Presidency ULUPU MNE, since 1982 to 1985; President of ULUPU MNE, presidency, since 1985 to 1989; Member of SPID-UK / Union of Artists of Applied Art and Design Yugoslavia since 1986 until 1990; Member of SA MNE, Architects Association of Montenegro since 1988 to 1998; Honorary Member of the Presidency of the Serbian Association of Town Planners 1999; Member of the organizing committee ACCE- International Conference on Architectural Council of Central and Eastern Europe in Belgrade from 26 to 29, 2003; Member of DAD / Architects Association Danilovgrad / since 2003; Member of ''IK MNE''/ Engineering Association of Montenegro / since 2000; President of the Council for Urban Municipality Danilovgard, the decision of the President of the Municipality, from 19.11.2002, No. 01-1010/1; Member of the Board IKCG / Engineering Association of Montenegro / since 2000- 2004.; Corresponding Member "JNA" Yugoslav engineering academy, Belgrade since 2005; Member of the DAB / Belgrade Association of Architects / of 2009; Member of the SAS Association of ABrchitects of Serbia from 2009;Member of Academy of engineering sciences of Serbia, Belgrade for 2010; Member of Academy of engineering sciences of Montenegro, Podgorica for 2010;
He is engaged in the development of spatial, urban planning, as well as urban and architectural design. In addition to these activities, his work is important for the review of technical books, as well as the work of juries in national and international competitions and technical control of investment and technical documentation.
For his work on the preparation of regulatory plans, urban and architectural projects is the winner of two prestigious awards "Mihailo Radovanovic" and "Emilian Josimović".



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