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The Journal "Agriculture and Forestry"

To Whom It May Concern

The Journal 'Agriculture and Forestry' ('Poljoprivreda i Sumarstvo'; ISSN 0554-5579, EISSN 1800-6492) has recently experienced an increase in interest by scientists from neighboring countries accompanied by requests for clarification regarding the rank of the journal. Considering the lack of a uniform system for categorization/classification of scientific journals among the countries in the Region, and the absence of a competent authority, with this information we would like to address these concerns and express our opinion in the matter.

Based upon the impact and scientific audience of the Journal in the past we suggest that:

- papers published in in the Journal "Agriculture and Forestry" prior to 2006 should be categorized as:
Rad u časopisu nacionalnog značaja.

- papers published in in the Journal "Agriculture and Forestry" from 2006 should be categorized as:
Rad u vodećem časopisu nacionalnog značaja.

Nevertheless, due to recent important changes concerning organization and scope of this journal, aimed at improving it's overall quality,

- papers published in the Journal "Agriculture and Forestry" should be soon categorized as:

The idea to upgrade our Journal to the International level is based upon the following facts:

- English is an official language of the Journal;
- Presence of an International Editorial Board (and Scientific committee);
- Increased visibility/impact due to a highly accessed journal website (in the last 3 years visited by scientists from 141 countries);
- Availability of an open source database containing more than 2,000 documents;
- The Journal is indexed in all major international databases and directories (for details please see Databases that included the journal in their database system);
- Scientists from different countries authored manuscripts submitted to the Journal during the last 3 years (researchers from 32 countries published their Manuscripts in the Journal).

Therefore, the journal “Agriculture and Forestry” is de facto an international, open access publication that publishes scientific papers in agriculture, rural development, veterinary medicine, forestry and biology. The full journal content, since its establishment in 1955, has been recently digitalized and made available to the users worldwide free of charge.

Furthermore, the Journal is currently governed by the Editorial Board with 48 members from 22 countries (12 from Montenegro, 36 international researchers) from: Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, China, Croatia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and USA (for details please see Editorial board of the Journal "Agriculture and Forestry"). In addition, the quality of published papers is ensured by the Scientific Committee, composed of nationally and internationally recognized experts (please see Scientific Committee) in fields of science covered by the Journal, as well as qualified team of international reviewers. Finally, the Journal is indexed in numerous international databases and major directories ensuring that it is available to a wide audience (please see Databases that included the journal in their database system).

We do hope this information clarifies the rank of our Journal and we cordially invite you to consider it for publishing the results from your scientific work in the future.

Editorial board of the Journal “Agriculture and Forestry”


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